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Prezzo di listino: 2.399,00 €

Special Price 1.319,45 €

Compact, quick & loose Allround Wave The Wave Cult V5 has been an incredibly successful over the year and is still a competitive board today, so you can imagine the amount of time and development that’s go into creating it’s successor. I’m proud to introduce the new four new shapes that make the new Wave Cult V6 line up. 74, 82, 90 and 104. For the last two years we’ve been on an incredible journey with our development program, the possibilities seemed endless, now we’re at its conclusion its easy to see how the V6 became what it is today. With so many thoughts its hard to say which was the key decision along the way, though if pressed I’d have to say starting with a blank sheet opened the possibility to analyze and re-think what the perfect wave board you’d use every day would look like. We were influenced by a new line of short boards that appeared to have their nose and tail cut off, it’s what we now call the COTAN board (Cut Off Tail and Nose). While we found lots of innovative inspiration, going for a radically shorter length and accompanying wider tail and nose we were limiting the “allround” nature of the board which is a key feature of the Wave Cults.
Performance Wave
Litri No
Brand RRD

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